A traditional Hammam treatment starts in the steam room where the skin is allowed time to open its pores while relaxing in the warmth. Then, BLACK SOAP is applied by massaging moist skin evenly in order to prepare it for scrubbing. After a resting period of about 15 minutes (at least 5’ at home), the soap is rinsed and the scrubbing with the Kessa glove can begin using circular motions. Black soap is suitable for all skin types, it offers the skin a deep wash and purifies it leaving it radiant, beautiful, soft and silky smooth as it nourishes, exfoliates and moisturizes it. A cooler shower often follows to re-close the pores before proceeding with the Rhassoul.


Dissolve the Rhassoul in a small amount of warm water in a bowl, add a spoon of Argan oil and rose water. Mix well, the consistency should not be too thick nor too runny. Apply the paste on wet skin and leave it for at least 10 minutes. At home, the body can be wrapped with plastic film so that the heat promotes blood circulation and absorption of beneficial components by the skin. RHASSOUL ON HAIR - The mixture should be fluid therefore more water should be added. Apply to wet hair by sections starting from the back and moving forward. Do not rub. Let the rhassoul act for at least five minutes without putting any water on the hair, then rinse and continue with shampoo. The clay will clean the scalp and hair, leaving no dandruff. It will not affect the color of dyed hair.


Mix few teaspoons of water with Rhassoul and argan/prickly pear oil cake powder; use the paste to exfoliate the face, neck and body, rinse, towel and dry as usual. Finish the treatment by applying pure argan oil / prickly pear oil on the face or mix with your lotion for the body. Every hammam ritual ends with a traditional stretching exercise that uses wide wrapping gestures to alleviate any remaining tensions and to rejuvenate the body. Relax in style with a cup of Moroccan mint tea.

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