Our Inspiration

Our inspiration

Our inspiration started with the Moroccan Tree of Life, its amazing ability to adapt in the desert, its vital role in maintaining ecological balance & economic situation and its extraordinary Argan oil’s characteristics. By its triple action- regenerating, hydrating and anti-oxidizing, Argan oil is a complete and performing skin care, a natural authentic fluid dedicated to the beauty& health of the skin.

Argan oil and its production

Argan oil is produced by various cooperatives, employing mainly women to improve their social status. Their participation in socioeconomic projects contributes to the preservation of the Argan forests in Morocco, added in 1998 to the list of UNESCO biosphere reserves. The production of our 100% pure organic argan oil offers impeccable quality. It is a demanding and laborious process, which was completely realized by hand until mechanical presses have been introduced recently. Neither solvent nor heat is used for this oil extraction. It is first cold pressed oil which makes for a high nutritive quality. It contains no artificial colouring, perfumes or preservatives that irritate the skin.

Our Stars


Argania spinosa


Opuntia ficus-indica


Rosa damascena


Sorghum bicolor


Aloe barbadensis


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