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AIR-LIFT FACE SERUM with organic rose water and sorghum bicolor extract
tightening, smoothing, rejuvenating


For all skin types
FREE from paraffin, silicones, colorants, parabens, PEGs


AIR-LIFT skin perfecting serum contains toning and hydrating organic rose water and a natural tightening active substance of vegetable origin composed of Sorghum bicolor extract. Its light and fast absorbing formula forms a stretching film on the surface of the skin and provides an immediate and durable lifting effect. The skin is instantly smoothed with a healthy looking complexion. PARAFFIN/SILICONES/COLORANTS/PARABENS/PEGs FREE


Use: Apply several drops to the skin and smooth in gently. Avoid making facial expressions until serum dries. Follow with a moisturizer. Used every morning or as and whenever needed. Can be used all over or in targeted areas.



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